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Continuous intravenous prostanoid (e.g. iloprost) therapy is still considered the treatment of choice for patients with severe pulmonary hypertension associated with advanced right-ventricular dysfunction and NYHA IV. According to the German therapy recommendations and approval status (Australia), inhaled iloprost holds an undisputed place also in the treatment of severe pulmonary hypertension. A relatively high portion of patients (40%) with severe pulmonary hypertension, NYHA IV, had been enrolled into a successful proof-of-concept study for inhaled iloprost. Study results published confirm that also high-risk instable patients with PAH may benefit from inhalation administration of iloprost. Both pulmonary haemodynamics as well as physical fitness improved significantly. A few isolated cases demonstrated that patients with known chronic PAH who suffered cardiac arrest in the hospital reached a clinically stable condition after iloprost treatment which was partially given by intravenous bolus administration. It is assumed that this breakthrough reaction prevented circulatory failure after pulmonary artery constriction.