Flores medical - multisonic - Inhalation mit Ultraschall

Renting inhalation devices out

If your customer has not been prescribed a Flores medical inhaler, he may want to hire one.

Full compliance with all hygienic requirements is essential when lending out inhalers. An inhalation set must be dedicated to a single patient and discarded after use.

Proceed as described in the Instructions for Use to disinfect the basic device; check it for its functional reliability before equipping it with a new inhalation set and handing it over to another patient.

The basic units of the aerosonic Combineb and Mobil nebulizers, as well as of the Masterneb, Elisir and Nebulair compressed-air inhalers can be disinfected by wiping.

Devices such as multisonic infraControl and profi are to be immersed in disinfectant solution and/or subjected to gas or plasma sterilization.

Please see our Price lists for the prices of the individual inhalation sets.