Flores medical - multisonic - Inhalation mit Ultraschall

Moistening the airways

Respiratory tract humidifiers keep the respiratory tract well and play an important role in the treatment of respiratory diseases. Their ability to disperse additional moisture into the airways promotes healthy respiratory drainage.

Electric nebulizers are therefore indispensable to patients with chronic respiratory diseases and mucoviscidosis. Nebulizers from Flores medical are designed to efficiently and reliably deliver aerosolized hypertonic and hypotonic saline solutions as well as all inhalation drugs (airway-widening & anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics) to an inhaling patient.

Ultrasonic nebulizers from Flores medical provide optimum particle deposition in the respiratory tract and deliver the appropriate dose of drug, low residual volume and noiseless operation.

All inhalation devices from Flores medical are well suited to moisturize the airways. LS 290 or LS 2000. are particularly suitable as large-volume nebulizers.

LS 290
Ls 2000