Flores medical - multisonic - Inhalation mit Ultraschall

InfraControl - Mechanical Ventilation



Ultrasonic inhalation device for use in hospital and out-of-hospital settings, equivalent to multisonic InfraControl, with new nebulizer head and integrated baffle plate.

Infrared control ensures on-demand aerosol production, noiseless in operation, warming up of aerosols, with wideband power supply, mouthpiece, nebulizing head, sealing ring, baffle plate & valves, bag, optionally with batteries.

Low medicament consumption thanks to breath-actuated inhalation, effective inhalation, easy operation, safe hygiene.

Optional: Medicine cup to simplify and ease hygiene access, to nebulize temperature-sensitive drugs or small amounts of drug.

multisonic InfraControl ventilation, for clinical use
HM number
PZN 2292952
Order number 83000

multisonic InfraControl, ventilation at home
HM number
PZN 3494238
Order number 83001

Declaration of conformity for the product combination
Provided the specifications for starting up the two apparatuses are complied with, the combination consisting of ventilator and nebulizer meets the requirements stipulated in article 12 of the Medical Products Directive 93/42/EEC as well as the requirements specified in annex 1 to the Medical Devices Directive.

A Declaration of Conformity relating to a combination between Multisonic® InfraControl and all customary anaesthesia and ventilation apparatuses is available and may be downloaded from „Infoportal“, „Infomaterial“ as a PDF file.

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download pdf Short instruction home ventilation

download pdf Short instruction Clinic

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download pdf Declaration of Conformity 83000 83001